Some Studio Upgrades - Is It Really Ever Done?

Just wanting to talk about current studio upgrades that makes life better!


Alex Dickson

5/17/20234 min read

Ah yes, the studio, a wonderfully creative space for a musician or producer or even an engineer to thrive and create in! One thing that happens with studios over time is collection of gear and equipment, constant changes to the layout, design, moving things around, it’s kind of like a studio is never finished, at least the home studio for me anyway…

Last week I ordered a few things for my studio to bring it back to its former glory with a couch and a nice throw rug. I used to have those before, but the problem came in where stuff got ruined and I had to throw out the couch and rug I had. So I had gotten some money that allowed me to replace them, and Thank God I was able to! My studio is much more cozy and feels welcoming and inviting to be a creative space. I also ordered a couple of acoustic panels to do some further sound treatment in there, just a couple of bass traps, but they’re GIK 244s so they should help out a lot! A little bit later on from now I plan to do some painting in my studio. I’ve got a few colors in mind for the palette, let me know what you think!

Let's Synthesize!!

Ah yes, the beauty that is sound synthesis using synthesizers! I've been an audio enthusiast that's always wanted his own synthesizer hardware to tinker with. I've had plenty of software synths over the years, always fun to play with, but there's really nothing like tactile feedback of turning knobs and hitting buttons to make a noise that goes bleep bloop or BZZZZZZZ, or any combination of it all. I managed to convince my wife to buy me a synthesizer for my birthday this year and I'm so thankful, I've had it fore the last 3 weeks or so, the ARTURIA MINIBRUTE 2 This is a solid, fully analog synthesizer, I've been eying one since it's original older brother came out the MiniBrute.

MiniBrute 2 On Desk with Fuck Off I'm Mixing Mug
MiniBrute 2 On Desk with Fuck Off I'm Mixing Mug
MiniBrute 2 In Box
MiniBrute 2 In Box

Okay first thing to note about this bad boy, it looks small, only 25-Keys on the keyboard, but holy shit the sounds it can make are HUGE! The BRUTE FACTOR knob is one of the main features of this synthesizer, from everything I read and heard about it is it essentially mimics the old Moog synth trick by feeding the output back into itself distorting the signal like crazy! Also the METALIZER knob is pretty interesting too, utilizing a Triangle waveform I think it does some sort of Ring Modulation, not quite sure, But yea, this beast features 2 oscillators, a Multi-Waveform Oscillator and a Sub Oscillator. Also the 48-Point patch bay at the top right allows for some amazing modification and capability, you can even hook it up to say a modular synth.

The CHAIRy On Top...

As you can see in the header image of this post of my studio, You'll notice a big chair. Much bigger than my old one and more sturdy, this chair is absolutely wonderful to sit in for long periods of time. Since I got it I've sat upwards of almost 10 hours in one shot in this thing and no back pain or discomfort afterwards. This chair makes it easy for me to deal long stints in front of my computer screen lol, I don't regret the $350 or so that was spent to buy it. Being big comes at a price... and not just the price of health.... I'M TALKING BENJIES LEVEL $$$... I know I also need to get some living room furniture and that's going to cost about 3 Racks at least for me to get two couches that can hold my fat ass... Although I am going to work on losing some weight this summer. So there's that.

But yeah, my studio is forever changing, evolving, and getting better! I'm becoming a better producer every day and every time I step into the DAW. If I can ever get a regular 9 to 5 job I'll look into getting into Modular Synths as well >:D hehehe! There's a lot I have planned for this year, I plan to finish strong fiscally, earned notoriety, and a better person! I don't know what the next 7 months hold for me and my team, and my wife and I, but I'm excited to find out and make it the best possible year I can!